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TRX Suspension Training:

Cool Combo - Overhead Squat
Fraser Quelch, Director of Training, shows you two exercises to create thoracic extension and postural strength.
TRX Suspension Training:

Cool Combo - Chestpress Standing Rollout
This time Fraser puts together two basic exercises, the chest press and standing-rollout. These two movements fit seamlessly together to create an absolutely brilliant cool combo.
TRX Suspension Training:

Cool Combo - Talon Trainers
Perfect for climbers and grapplers or any sport that requires a lot of finger strength. From a High Row to a Biceps Curl to a Triceps Extension, Fraser shows us there's no limit to what you can use the Talon Trainers for!
TRX Suspension Training:

Cool Combo - Low Row To Kick Back
A great cool combo for your whole posterior chain, especially your back and triceps, can be achieved by integrating a Low Row with a Triceps Kick Back. Watch as Fraser breaks down these two popular movements to create one dynamic combo.
TRX Suspension Training:

Cool Combo - Single Leg Squat-Crossing Balance Lunge
This cool combo can be done slowly or powered through quickly depending on your comfort level and focus. Pay special attention to form and function to maximize the benefit of combining these two great TRX exercises.
TRX Suspension Training:

Cool Combo - Warm-up: Squat, Row, Curl, Raise
Cool Combo Combining a squat, row, curl, I raise.